Monday, January 3, 2011


 Hello I am Joseph Patrick McFarlane was born in 1949 in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  While attending Central Technical Art College in Toronto, Ontario, I have studied studio criteria and art history plus field research, and then attended Emily Carr in Vancouver BC. I also have  a degree in the fine arts and in Inter-media and Multi media.
My artwork takes on personal views from everyday thoughts and ideas as well as dreams that have signification meaning for him. I creates things I see around me, inspirations from other art, and just overall life's experiences that are part of everyone's childhood and adult culture. Having engaged in subjects as diverse as what I  have seen during my  traveling days, including music of many kinds and architecture, my work reflects all of that with familiar visual signs, and I arrange them into new conceptually layered pieces.

Many mediums are always considered, but mostly pencil, crayon, and pen and ink as well as water colors are used. In working in these mediums, I have arrived to what shows the most from my thoughts when doing art. I I  always consider using other mediums such as acrylics and oils on large canvases, but at the moment, space restricts that but I intend to work out that problem very soon. In the meanwhile I do enjoy the drawings  that  I currently create.

I have just started this blog site so this will be on going in the construction. I do hope you will be patient and do continue to follow. Thank you very much.
 "The Orb"
"Souls Butterfly"
"In View"